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QR 260

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The results are displayed on the LCD with large numbers.
The choice of the measurement range of values ​​is carried out manually,
it is enough to set the desired position of the multi-position switch.
The presence of a backlight makes it easier to work in dimly lit places.
Functions: Poetry indicator Screen lighting Ability to follow instructions.
6000 counts for automatic data storage
Data Hold
AC Current : 60A/600A/1000A±(2.5% +8)
DC Current : 60A/600A/1000A±(2.5% +8)
AC Voltage : 60mV/600mV/6V/60V/600V±(0.8% +3) 750V±(1% +4)
DC Voltage : 60mV/600mV/6V/60V/600V±(0.7% +3) 1000V±(0.8% +2)
Resistance : 600Ω/6kΩ/60kΩ/600kΩ/6MΩ±(0.8% +3) 60MΩ±(1.2% +3)
Capacitance : 10nF/100nF/1000nF/10?F/100?F/1000?F/10mF/100mF±(4.0% +5)
Temperature: -20~1000℃(-8~1832°F)
Non-contact voltage detection
Diode test
LCD with back light low battery indication
Auto power off
With flash light function



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