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Air Tools 5pcs Set

QR 165



Air Blow Gun:
Operating pressure: 2-6bar (29-87psi)
Air requirement: 100-198l/min (3.5-7cfm)

Air Hose: Length: 5m, Diameter: 8mm

Air Washing Gun:
Operating pressure: 3-4bar (43.5-58psi)
Nozzle length: 215mm
Tank capacity: 0.75L

Air Spray Gun:
Feed type: suction
Standard nozzle: 1.5mm
Operating pressure: 3-4bar (43.5-58psi)
Air consumption: 119-200l/min (4.2-7.1cfm)
Paint width: 140-180mm
Paint capacity: 1.0L

Air Tyre Inflator:
Operating pressure: ≤7bar(101.5psi)
Max pressure: 10bar(145psi)



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