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Gasoline Bruch Cutter



1set line spool
1pcs cutting blade
2pcs debris shields
1pcs oil bottle
1pcs carrying bag
1pcs wrench
2pcs hex keys

Displacement: 45cc
Power output: 1500W
Fuel mixture: 40:1
Max. speed: 10000rpm
Fuel tank capacity: 1200ml
Line cutting width: 440mm(17″)
Blade cutting width: 230mm(9″)

1: Durable two stroke engine with a powerful driving force
2: Quick and easy starting, less pull force required for starting
3: Comfortable switch handle for a prompt start and stop
4: Detachable shaft for easy transport and storage
5: Combination metal shield for better protection
6: Heavy duty clutch for tough work & large diameter cuttings
7: Optimised shaft and sturdy gear system for longer tool life



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